CandyBar was an app for older versions of macOS that allowed to manage a library of custom icons, as well as changing system icons. This app was discontinued in 2012 (you can read the announcement here).

InerziaIcon supports importing from one of the preferred file formats of CandyBar: the iContainer. Please note that it is not possible to import the CandyBar Library directly, as it is not in a readable format.

Importing an iContainer

Use CandyBar to generate an iContainer of your icons. The process should involve selecting "My Icons" in the Organize sidebar on the left side and then using the "File" menu to choose "Save as iContainer". Please note that InerziaSoft does not provide support for CandyBar: if you encounter issues with the exporting process, please refrain from contacting our Support Team as we cannot help you.

  1. Open InerziaIcon.
  2. Use the "File" menu to select "Import" > "iContainer".
  3. Navigate to the iContainer file on your disk and press "Import".

InerziaIcon will now import your icons. The following details will also be imported with each icon, if available:

  • The icon author.
  • The icon copyright info.
  • The pack name (the iContainer file name will be used).
  • The download source.
  • Tags.
  • Notes

Please note that CandyBar doesn't support high-resolution icons. The icons imported from an iContainer will be saved with the highest available resolution, but that might not match the resolution of other icons imported with InerziaIcon.