Before the release of InerziaIcon 4, there were two versions of the app: InerziaIcon Lite and InerziaIcon. With the release of version 4, we decided to merge the two apps together, to make it easier for new and existing users to enjoy all the powerful features of InerziaIcon.

While the migration from an older version of InerziaIcon to InerziaIcon 4 happens seamlessly when you first launch the app, if you were using InerziaIcon Lite you'll have to follow a few simple steps to import your Library.

Importing from InerziaIcon Lite

InerziaIcon Lite stores your Library in the Pictures folder, same as InerziaIcon. However, InerziaIcon Lite creates a folder called "InerziaIcon Lite", which is normally not visible to the new version of InerziaIcon.

To import your Lite folder, follow these steps:

  1. Open InerziaIcon version 4 or higher.
  2. Use the "File" menu to choose "Import" > "InerziaIcon Lite Library".
  3. A confirmation dialog like the one above will appear. Click "Import".

InerziaIcon will look for the Lite directory in your Pictures folder and import your data automatically. Once everything has been imported successfully, InerziaIcon will notify you with another dialog.

Please note that the InerziaIcon Lite folder must be available in your Pictures directory at the time when you begin the import process. If the folder isn't available, InerziaIcon will display an error.

Also, please note that, if you were using a version of InerziaIcon Lite older than 3.6, your Smart Collections might not be migrated correctly and they'll have to be removed and configured again.