InerziaIcon doesn't support importing your Library from another Mac automatically, but your Library is portable, meaning that it can be moved as whole package from one Mac to the other.

Moving your Library

  1. On the Mac where you have your InerziaIcon Library, locate the InerziaIcon Library following this article.
  2. Right-click on the "InerziaIcon" folder and choose "Compress "InerziaIcon"". This will create a ZIP file with your Library and all your icons.
  3. Send the ZIP file to your other Mac. You can send the file via email, upload it on iCloud or other cloud storage services; if the two Macs are close to each other, you can also use AirDrop.
  4. Move the ZIP file to the Pictures folder (you can use the aforementioned article to locate where the Library should be).
  5. Double-click on the ZIP file to uncompress it.

You'll now have a InerziaIcon directory in your Pictures folder. You can now open InerziaIcon and use the Library as you would do on your other Mac.

Please note that this operation doesn't sync the Library between the two Macs. You are effectively creating a copy of your Library. Changes done on one Mac won't be synced with the other.

InerziaIcon currently doesn't support syncing your Library across multiple devices.