A Feature Set is a group of additional features that can be purchased with a single In-App Purchase in InerziaIcon.

While InerziaIcon is free to use without any limits on usage or time, some users might be interested in getting more out of the software by purchasing the latest available Feature Set.

When you decide to purchase a Feature Set, you gain access to all the features included immediately across all your devices. You'll retain access to these features, as long as you keep using the same Apple ID, for as long as you want, even through future updates of InerziaIcon.

As InerziaIcon gets better, we will introduce new Feature Sets that will add new features. You will be able to decide whether you're interested in purchasing these new Feature Sets or if you want to keep just what you already purchased. In any case, you shouldn't consider this a subscription: it's a one-time purchase that gives you unlimited access to the features included. Even if you never purchase another Feature Set from us again, you'll still be able to access and use all the features you paid for.