After you successfully submitted a ticket, we usually take 1-2 business days to get back to you. We try our best to provide you with a solution or an answer as soon as possible, but we may also need to ask you further information, depending on the topic.

Regardless, if you have contacted us through the InerziaSoft Support Center, you can always check the status of your ticket and also send multiple messages.

This guide does not apply to tickets created through Facebook or Twitter: you cannot check the status of those tickets, you will only see our messages in your Inbox.

When submitting a new ticket, you must enter an email address: we will use that address to send you notifications, but you can also use it to login into our Support Center and monitor the status of your tickets. Once you get a notification from us, you’ll find a link to access the ticket right away and view the status.

You can also register an account with the same address and login with that account into our Support Center, but it is not mandatory to have an account to get support.

If you are experiencing issues with our emails not showing up in your Inbox, follow this guide.